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Action monitor Keep Track of Example by Way of Asterisk. This includes two records: channelsavefile-in.wav along with . 

This ought to employ to US/North American Adtran TSU 600 + T100P. I have 6x quad FXO cards, which this could well not connect with the FXS versions. From the menuing method of this TSU 600, then Visit the config segment and confirm These Options

 Cycle via all of the access ports and affirm that they truly are FXO+. Mine arrived sent from e-bay inside this manner.

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Subsequently Hit Input Every And Confirm They Truly Are All In Action Monitor

Plugin the t 1 Crossover Cable into the”community” slot at the rear of this Adtran device (I left one, it sent having a straight-through t-1 ). Twist all proper mobile wires in the FXO slots in every single module, and also join to the wall socket.

I will suppose you have installed and it works from the SIP telephones (i.e. you can join into this sample host ).

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Action Monitor Sip

  • Conf and insert the next traces
  • Conf and insert the subsequent lines (in the base ):
  • At this time, you will want to be certain the module is still loaded.  Do so by studying:
  • Verify what is functioning with:
  • You need to watch something such as:
  • In the Event You Would like in order to dial-up, You Can Add it on extensions.conf document:
  • Now begin asterisk with:
  • Congratulations!  Asterisk really should currently be dealing together with your brand new (or lightly used) Adtran TSU 600 + Digium T100P

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